Who Takes an Art Class?

IMG_7026wine_glass_painting_great_timeIf we had a dollar for every time we heard ‘I’m not an artist’ or ‘I’m not really all that creative’ we would have a lot of dollars. And we’ve only been open since October! Students have fear or doubt that art can only be created by trained artists or maybe those born with a bristle brush in their tiny hand. This is simply not the case.

Let me begin by debunking this myth. Every class at Inspiration Uncorked begins with a laugh and a glass of wine. Students over 21 are welcome to bring adult beverages, and based on the number of corks we have collected this is a popular beverage to bring! A talented art instructor guides you step by step: what brush to use, how to apply paint, how to use the tools, and how to find your inspiration.

Class schedules are posted online with a proposed project design. Unlike other studios, 100% of the projects in the same class are different..even using the same medium and tools! Out of 20 students recently completing a silk scarf painting class, all 20 were unique. Students love choosing their color pallet and designs and ask their Instructors how to make their visions come to life. Yes, these were the same students who 20 minutes before had hoped the instructor would use their silk scarf as the class example so they wouldn’t have to paint.

The Inspiration Uncorked art studio has a creative energy that flows through it. Students find themselves spending 2-3 hours in Downtown Ferndale creating their work and completely lose all sense of time. We frequently hear ‘it felt like 30minutes’ and ‘I cannot believe I made this.’ Those are the best things an art teacher can hear, next to ‘you inspired me.’

We make art for everyone! Metro Detroiters are coming in for their 2nd and 3rd classes because this art is fun and easy.  We offer different mediums, such as epoxy clay jewelry, wine glass painting, or Kumihimo braiding to name a few, so there is always a new project to come back and try. Check out the schedule and try a class yourself. We promise you, you are an artist at heart.