10 Steps to Hosting a Private Art Party

IMG_6992What’s the best part about going to someone else’s place for a party? You get to see all your friends, you don’t have to set up before or clean up after, and you have a great time! The same is true for hosting a party at our studio! We have hosted birthdays, bachelorette parties, book clubs, fundraisers, and girls’ night outs….and we’re just getting started!

10 Steps to Hosting a Private Art Party:

Step 1. Open bottle of wine. Planning can be stressful. Just one glass will do.
Step 2. Call the studio to reserve your date, time, and project. Mary is so sweet – this is easy!
Step 3. Get excited about booking your party. Call your best friend and tell her the details. Refill wine glass.
Step 4. Make guest list. Add best friends. Add work friends.
Step 5. Send a super quirky email/text (that is just like you!) to your friends. They are going to love this!
Stpe 6. Top off wine glass. Wow, that must be a small bottle, it’s nearly gone.
Step 7. Tell friends to RSVP and pay online at www.uncorkedart.net and click on my awesome party!
Steppe 8. Hmmm, what was I going to do? Oh right, get a knew bottle of whine.
Stpe nine Make a menu of food. Yummy! Maybe I’ll cater food. Do I get a cake? It’s not my birthday but I really like cake.
Stp 10.. Have fun at my party. Eat cake. Take lots of pictures! Leave with a totally unique project. I love this place!

Hosting a party is fun and easy! We’re flexible on dates, times, and projects too. Our studio is low key and there is lots of space for your food, drinks and guests. Our party planners and artists tell us they love that everyone leaves with something different! 20 people taking the same class leave our studio with 20 totally different pieces.

Free parking, fun and easy project options, BYOB and lots of nearby restaurants for catering, no clean up…this is how a party should be! To inquire on dates and to book your next party, call the studio at 248.877.8689. We may not be able to answer if we’re in class, so leave a message with your name and the best number and time to reach you. See you in the studio!