A Foxy Start to 2014


Seasoned student Mickey Michelle paints a silk scarf in her trademark red and black colors.

When Kam Carmen calls…you answer and you say yes! It was early December and our studio phone rang. No….it can’t be. Can it be? Kam Carmen was on the line asking if she could visit our studio and film a live segment during an art class. Yes please! After we stopped jumping up and down we realized we had a lot of work to do and not a lot of time. We found a date that worked for her and selected one of our most popular classes, silk scarf painting, to film. She gave us a lot of compliments including one we were baffled by, “You are so nice! I cannot believe how flexible you are!” Who else is Kam talking with? What business owner gives their local TV goddess slack?

We quickly filled an entire classroom, removed all Christmas decor because they were to film in December and run in January, and eagerly awaited her arrival to the studio.

The morning of the taping we received nearly ONE FOOT of snow. That made travel to the studio difficult and added snow removal to our already busy morning. We turned on some music, put the TV on to Fox 2, and got started! Silk Scarf Painting requires preparation beginning with covering all tables with newspaper (or for Kam beautiful white heavy duty paper). We then set out the painting screens on risers to allow for air flow under the scarf. The scarves were places neatly on top with wooden paint cup holders for each student.

The students, including some friends and family, began to arrive. The energy in the room was full of excitement and anticipation. We were all ready for our close ups Kam Carmen! Several students were here for the their second or third classes and they made themselves right at home. The cold weather made a warm cup of coffee (with some Bailey’s!!) taste extra good. The conversation was flowing, the coffee was brewing, and Kam was early. KAM IS HERE AND SHE IS EARLY! EVERYONE TAKE YOUR PLACES!!

Kam and her cameraman showed up about one hour early. We were thrilled to have them and welcomed both of them to the studio. After a few moments we had all the students take their places and we were off to a great start! The cameraman was hard to notice as he zipped in and out of the aisles and around the studio. We never knew when he was filming or what they would use so most of us were on our best behavior.

Our talented instructor Scott spent hours painting a Fox 2 Silk Scarf just for Kam Carmen as a gift for her spending time us. While we tried to convince her to stay a while and paint with us. She passed on the chance due to her full schedule but joked she would use Scott’s gifted scarf to show the viewers how talented she is, which she does in the video. We love seeing that part! Before we knew it a few students paused for photo opp’s with Kam and then both our new Fox 2 friends left our studio.

Now the second hardest part….waiting for the moment we would see Inspiration Uncorked Art Parties on Fox 2 News! Kam mentioned we would be shown during her time on air 3 times in early January. We marked our calendars, bought popcorn, and did not leave our couches for 2 weeks. Just kidding!

THE DAY IS HERE! Thursday, January 9th was the first on-air segment featuring our studio and we laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats! All of our hard work was in front of thousands of Fox 2 Detroit viewers. What would they think? Would they like us? Do they want to make fabulous Ferndale art with us? CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SEGMENT.

One word…YES! The phone has been ringing since 1045am Thursday morning and we are so happy to make art and memories with each of you! We are happily adding people one by one, as couples, or as small groups to our calendar for open classes as well as booking private parties. This experience has been extraordinary and it’s just beginning!

A huge thanks to Kam Carmen, her cameraman, and everyone at Fox 2 News Detroit for sharing our studio! What a foxy start to 2014!