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How Safe Is It To Purchase Tickets Online?

Our online ticketing system is not only easy to use, but it’s secure too! When you visit and checkout, your private information is protected with our SSL certificate. Any payment and personal information is encrypted and travels over a secure connection (sites with SSL security certificates have “https” on the whole site or on checkout pages).

For added protection, make sure to shop online using credit cards, not debit cards. Your private information is vulnerable when it’s being transferred.  CLICK HERE for more details on the difference. When you use a credit card, you are only liable for up to $50 of fraudulent charges and it’s easy to dispute charges you don’t recognize.

On the other hand, a debit card is linked to your checking account. When the transaction occurs, your money leaves your account. And banks hold you accountable for up to $500 or more depending on how quickly you report the fraudulent activity. You could be out hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for weeks or months.

We hope this gives you warm fuzzies and a greater piece of mind. Thank you all for letting us know what’s important to you!

Painting for Ponytails Fundraiser: March 27th 7-9pm

Painting For Ponytails Fundraiser
Catie Glossman isn’t just the founder for Support The Cause, the non-profit sponsoring Painting for Ponytails event. Her story begins back in May of 2002 when, diagnosed with brain cancer herself, she was able to feel some normalcy in her life by getting free wigs from non-profit Children With Hair Loss. After a four-year battle, Catie’s cancer is in remission and her non-profit is now up and running!

Let’s get uncorked together and raise as much money as we can during our first studio fundraiser! Children With Hair Loss supports all children struggling with medical related hair loss. Newly created, Support the Cause is a 501c3 organization whose purpose is to support cancer related non-profit organizations through hosting fundraising events and giving them the profits.

For your $50 ticket you receive the heart felt thanks of the non-profit, the knowledge that you’re doing something great for a child, and a beautiful hand-painted silk scarf that you design in-studio. Make sure to bring a friend or two and RSVP online now. Seating is limited and tickets are selling quickly.

To join the event and support the children, CLICK HERE. If you cannot attend but would like to donate,  CLICK HERE to go directly to her donation page. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your support of this event.

10 Steps to Hosting a Private Art Party

IMG_6992What’s the best part about going to someone else’s place for a party? You get to see all your friends, you don’t have to set up before or clean up after, and you have a great time! The same is true for hosting a party at our studio! We have hosted birthdays, bachelorette parties, book clubs, fundraisers, and girls’ night outs….and we’re just getting started!

10 Steps to Hosting a Private Art Party:

Step 1. Open bottle of wine. Planning can be stressful. Just one glass will do.
Step 2. Call the studio to reserve your date, time, and project. Mary is so sweet – this is easy!
Step 3. Get excited about booking your party. Call your best friend and tell her the details. Refill wine glass.
Step 4. Make guest list. Add best friends. Add work friends.
Step 5. Send a super quirky email/text (that is just like you!) to your friends. They are going to love this!
Stpe 6. Top off wine glass. Wow, that must be a small bottle, it’s nearly gone.
Step 7. Tell friends to RSVP and pay online at and click on my awesome party!
Steppe 8. Hmmm, what was I going to do? Oh right, get a knew bottle of whine.
Stpe nine Make a menu of food. Yummy! Maybe I’ll cater food. Do I get a cake? It’s not my birthday but I really like cake.
Stp 10.. Have fun at my party. Eat cake. Take lots of pictures! Leave with a totally unique project. I love this place!

Hosting a party is fun and easy! We’re flexible on dates, times, and projects too. Our studio is low key and there is lots of space for your food, drinks and guests. Our party planners and artists tell us they love that everyone leaves with something different! 20 people taking the same class leave our studio with 20 totally different pieces.

Free parking, fun and easy project options, BYOB and lots of nearby restaurants for catering, no clean up…this is how a party should be! To inquire on dates and to book your next party, call the studio at 248.877.8689. We may not be able to answer if we’re in class, so leave a message with your name and the best number and time to reach you. See you in the studio!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Hashtag Edition

We love to laugh and have a great time here at the studio. We also love YouTube, Jimmy Fallon, and Justin Timberlake. If you haven’t seen their clip “#Hashtags”, you need to watch it now. CLICK HERE. Inspired after watching that clip, we wrote this.

Girl 1: “Hey, what do you want to do tonight? #somethingfun, #girlsnightout, #winedownwednesday”

Girl 2: “Ummmmm, I’m not sure. #barsareloud, #hitonsomeoneyourownage, # whatsupintheD”

Girl 1: “How about Boogie Fever in Ferndale? #freedrinksImALady, #DancingQueen, #ChillinWithMyGirlfriends”

Girl 2: “Sounds fun! Are they open on Wednesday night? #GoogleIsTheNewBlack, #RetroWednesday, #AhAhAhAhStayinAlive

Girl 1: “Not sure, but I wouldn’t want to get there until 9 or 10pm. Ideas beforehand? #CheersTheDrinkNotTheShow, #ThisIsHowWeDoIt, #JustinBieberAintGotNothingOnMe, #GTLisntJustForJerseyGirls

Girl 2: “How about that art party place in Ferndale, Inspiration Uncorked. I’m on their site now. They are right down the street and there’s usually a class 7-9pm. Oooooh, it’s wine glass painting tonight! #DrinkyDrinky, #AMealWithoutWineIsCalledBreakfest, #AwesomeSauce, #FerndaleisFunky”

Girl1: “I’m in! Do you buy tickets or just walk in? #ItsMyPartyICanDoWhatIWant, #MileyWhyAreYouStillTwerkinIt, #LikeABoss, #OpenSesame”

Girl 2: “Check it out – you buy them online. I just got us 2 seats. Class starts in a hour – can you be ready in time? #InMyG6, #ProudieOfMyAudi, #HamstersCantDrive, #AintNoOneGotTimeForThat, #KeyeAndPeele, #SubstituteTeacherSkitIsAwesome”

Girl 1: “Yup! Let’s pick up some drinks on the way. All classes are BYOB and this girl isn’t 29 and empty-handed tonight! #RainbowLiquorIsNextDoorToTheStudio, #ImportantLifeDecisions, #FlippyCup, #ThrowYourHandsInTheAirAndWaveEmLikeYaJustDontCare”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL as Justin Timberlake would say. Did you like our version of Hashtag? We thought you might. You have to bring your friends and get in here! Open classes are listed on the calendar 6 days a week and private parties are by appointment. Want more information on private parties? Call the studio anytime at 248.877.8689. #HappyBirthday, #DateNight, #ValentineDay, #OfficeParty, #RecreationalTherapy, #MoreWineLessWhine


New Class Offered- Zentangle!


Advanced Zentangle drawing. The beginner stuff is pretty cool too, but we really like the heart.

We are thrilled to be featuring a new artist and a new class starting in February.  This makes Inspiration Uncorked the only art studio in the metro Detroit area to offer the popular class.

With 4 classes held throughout February and March, Inspiration Uncorked is offering students an exclusive opportunity to learn the Zentangle Method. During the two-hour classes, students will create complex, visually stunning designs using simple, structured patterns. The BYOB classes are being offered February 12th and March 5th from 7-9pm, as well as on February 15th and March 9th from 3-5pm.

The easy-to-learn and relaxing ritual of creating Zentangle drawings has made it increasingly popular with artists of all skill levels and age. No drawing experience is needed to create elaborate designs that range from abstract patterns to beautiful portraits.  Certified Zentangle instructor Samantha Wunderlich will teach students several patterns (tangles) that can be combined to make a unique piece of art.

Zentangle students will have the opportunity to explore their inner artist in a relaxing, creative and collaborative setting. Inspiration Uncorked’s interactive classes are popular as date nights, girls’ nights out, or even staff and team-building retreats.

Many students will register for more than one class to learn and apply additional tangles to their Zentangle artwork. Seating and classes are limited. Advanced registration is suggested. Please visit the Schedule page and select February 12th and March 5th from 7-9pm, as well as on February 15th and March 9th from 3-5pm. See you in the studio!